Tips to Build a Second Story Addition

Tips to Build a Second Story Addition


Tips to Build a Second Story Addition

A second-story addition to your home not only doubles the square footage of your home but also adds value and charm. A project of this nature will necessitate extensive planning and the assistance of expert home renovation contractors. When you need more space but can't extend your home further, the only option is to add a second story. You may turn your one-story house into a two-story dream home with the appropriate design and building ideas. Adding a second story doubles the living area, which could be a refreshing change for you and your family. Here are some tips that will help you start your second-story addition home. 

It's As You're Constructing A Second Home.

Before you start a second-story construction project, keep in mind that it will have an impact on the rest of your house. All systems, such as plumbing, HVAC, & electrical, will be extended throughout the structure, and these systems will need to be changed to match the new floor plan. If you have an older home, you may need to start from the ground up and upgrade all systems.

Structure And Foundation

A second story is not physically possible in every home. According to builders, they can renovate most homes to withstand a second story, but the problems may go deeper than bad construction.


If you're dead set on adding another story, a weak foundation, or even the soil it sits on, might become a problem, and things aren't easy to remedy.


So check with a home addition contractor to determine if your home is ready for the addition or if the retrofits make sense given your budget and long-term intentions for the property.

Choosing The Right Size For The Second Story

A full second story or a partial addition are the two options for adding a second story to your home.


The decision to go with one of the two possibilities varies from person to person based on budget, space requirements, or a combination of the two. The most cost-effective method is to complete the structural work at once rather than returning to it later and building it.


A person may not know how or where each room will be; he or she may not know what type of marble they will use for the kitchen counter, what color of bathroom tiles they will use to complement the theme of the floor, or even what style they will choose for their toilet.


A professional addition contractor takes care of drawing up the designs, depending on the knowledge of your option. Adding a second story to your property increases the likelihood of the main level renovation.

What would you do with the storage areas if you moved a bedroom or two upstairs? Do you wish to open up your space by knocking down walls? Do you want to increase the size of your kitchen? And how will the construction of the second-floor staircase affect the current design?


Adding a second story involves more than just making extra room, and it also asks you to think about the rest of the house more, so the debate is crucial.


Space For The Stairs

Stairs will be required wherever there is a second floor. A stairwell can drastically change the look of your home's interior. Because it will take up space, should place it in the least visible location of the house. Although you may tempt to put the stairs in the center of the house, you should think about other possibilities. Find some stairwells at the end of the hall or in an open kitchen area.

Roofing, Windows, And Doors

Matching your home's current exterior style is one of the most challenging tasks you'll face. It's possible that the roofing you bought 15 years ago is no longer available. The same may say about the structure's windows, doors, gutters, shutters, and other exterior parts. To ensure that your property has a consistent appearance, you may want to consider exterior remodeling, and it will significantly improve the exterior appeal of your home.

Clean The House

Cleaning the attic becomes critical, especially since it will expose to the elements, debris, and other potential hazards. Your main floor will need to clean.

When it comes to such a time-consuming task, planning is essential. Because the home extension contractor will be raising the roof, sorting out the goods, and cleaning up the space thoroughly. Renting a storage unit & using a friend's or relative's home to store valuables is recommended.


You can also give away, dump, & donate the excess items to improve your home's décor.

Choose a Temporary Home Near Your House

Given the scope of effort involved in creating a second story, your home may be out of the ordinary for a few days. Due to continuous construction, you may experience numerous challenges and inconveniences while staying in the exact location.


Inquire with the home extension contractor about the number of days you'll be away from your home. 


It would be more convenient for you to work out the matter if you hired a location close to your house. Because you'll need to concentrate on both the new tale and your regular work, you might want to stay as close as possible to ensure that everything goes as planned.


Visit our website at ASASA construction for more information. We'll assist you with the planning of your second story expansion.

Obtaining The Required Approvals For A Second-Story Expansion


When planning a second story extension, keep a few things in mind. Ordinances and permissions involving this type of expansion can usually specify critical variables throughout the planning stage. For example, the permissible square footage that can consider, the potential obstructions that your addition may create a neighboring neighbor, or how much of the existing house builts are all factors to consider.


It is where hiring professional home additions contractors to help you plan and create your second-story extension would be advantageous. They'll know what they need to know and be conversant with the local building rules and permits. Experts will also know how to test your home's foundation to ensure that it can handle the installation of another story.

If It's Legal

Local zoning and health requirements may have an impact on your plans, so talk to your home addition contractor about it. Before you begin designing and construction, it is essential to know about the rules and regulations, such as "Floor Area Ratios," "Lot Coverage," and "B100."

Benefit Of Secondary Home Addition

An increase in usable home space is one of the critical benefits of this type of modification.

There are several further advantages to adding a second story:

  • Because it will not diminish the yard and garden area and will not adjust current permanent exterior elements such as fences, patios, and driveways.
  • After the job is complete, consider how you can save energy in the future. Adding a second story instead of expanding outward on the main level can save money in the long run.
  • With a two-story expansion, not only would future heating and cooling expenses be manageable, but there would also be the option to simply increase the existing power and plumbing on the bottom floor.

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