Installing Laminate Flooring for the First Time

Everyone wants a desirable place to live in. We want all the sections of the house according to our needs. The floor is considered as one of the most important parts of a house as far as the aesthetic appeal is concerned. An attractive floor can lift the entire feel of the house and vice versa. There are various types of flooring options, including concrete floors, hardwood floors, tiled floors.

It is important to analyze the ambiance of a house before choosing its flooring. So if your floor complements the look of the entire house, it will be of great value. Due to pleasant appearance, the hardwood floor has become a popular choice amongst masses.

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However, their high cost makes them approachable to a limited class. Laminate flooring is a great alternative to the hardwood floor as it has similar features but is pretty cost-effective. There is a huge variety of laminate floors available in the market and can be chosen according to the requirements of the interior décor.

The installation of a laminate floor is similar to that of hardwood floors. Many steps are involved in the installation of a laminate floor, and we will discuss them in this blog.

Clearing the Subfloor:

The first step in the installation process of laminate flooring is the clearing of the subfloor. However, you must ensure that the subfloor is completely prepared for installation and to ensure that several steps should be taken.


First of all, you should clean the subfloor by mopping or vacuuming. It is done to clean all the dust and dirt from the floor.


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It is essential to ensure that the subfloor is even before starting the installation of a laminate floor. If there are any dings on the subfloor, the laminate floor will not sit on top of it evenly. Therefore, you should check the leveling of the subfloor with the help of a leveler. If the subfloor is not even, apply the quick-dry compound to fill the holes

Placing the Underlayment:

Despite the leveling process, the subfloor is covered with an underlayment before the installation of the laminate floor. The underlayment is basically composed of sheets of the cardboard that provide a cushion between the subfloor and laminate. It also makes the installation process convenient and gives additional durability to laminate floors.

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The placement of underlayment is not as easy as it might appear. It is essential to measure the area of the floor, and the underlayment should be cut accordingly. While placing underlayment around corners and edges, special care is required.

Arranging Laminate Sheets on the Floor:

The placement of laminate sheets is one of the most important steps in the installation process of the laminate floor. Firstly, accurate measurements of the floor dimensions should be taken. The laminate sheets should be cut precisely according to the measurements. While placing the laminate sheets, it is essential to follow a sequence. Starting from the center is the established technique followed during laminate installation.

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Securing the Floor:

Once the laminate sheets are in place, the floor is layering is secured to prevent uprooting. Usually, nails are used for securing the laminate floors.


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The final step of the laminate floor installation is finishing. It involves thorough checking of the laminate flooring to spot rough edges. A grader is used to fine the rough edges to enhance the appearance of the laminate floor.

The laminate floor can be a delightful addition to the interior décor. It not only has an aesthetic appeal but is also very durable. The cost-efficiency of the laminate floor makes them an ideal alternative to hardwood floors. The guidelines mentioned above can help install a laminate floor effectively. You can contact a high-quality general contractor like ASASA Construction, to get the best laminate floor installation.

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