13 Mid-century Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles Designs & Ideas

The kitchen and bathroom tiles have a vast range of designs and materials available in the market these days. The kitchen and the bathroom are considered the core rooms of a house and the same as a human heart; it’s the most used part of the home. A modern design kitchen and bathroom are highly capable of boosting the resale value of your home. You might require a little research if you do not have beforehand knowledge and prior experience. Here we will share with you some mid-century modern tile designs that are sure to add an aesthetic look.

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Modern Contemporary Bathroom Tiles:

Go Blue

This bathroom makes a perfect bathing spot. Here Elegance is combined perfectly with modernity. Blue tiles add a sleek touch to this gem of a bathroom.

The Symmetrical Look

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The Aesthetic Look

For this masterpiece, we chose cement tile. The patterns on the wall perfectly portray the natural look while keeping it modern and jaw-dropping. The idea behind this was to use minimum space to create something that beats all.

Mid-Century Combined with Contemporary

Who does not want to enter this sleek and out of the world lavatory. A classy combo of modern and contemporary styles. The plant perfectly portrays the homeowner’s love for nature. This is what we call simple and mesmerizing. This bathroom is sure to wow anyone who enters.

Playing with the Graphics