Vintage Designs Revival and Trends

Vintage Designs Revival and Trends


Vintage Designs Revival and Trends

Every generation considers itself the king of trends that they think are new unique but, in reality, are reinventions of something their parents adored when they were young adults says commercial and residential renovation contractor in Toronto. It occurs in fashion design all the time—and since we typically shop for new clothes reasonably regularly, we all have a good idea when a trend has made a comeback  such as bell-bottom jeans

According to custom millwork companies in Toronto. It turns out, this cycling of trends happens in the home decor and interior design industry as well, but it can turn out to be less obvious that it's happening, and the trends tend to stay around longer than they do in the fashion industry. Case in point: Mid-century modern design. It has been growing in popularity for the past ten years.

It has become so widespread that it is importantly turned into the baseline for contemporary design. While the components of mid-century design might be nowhere near their expiration date for regular folks, the design industry is ready to move on. But by move on, we genuinely mean revisit another bygone time—because everything good will eventually come back around, right? For the following five trends, it's their (second or third) time to shine. Because they are poised to make a comeback. Here's how you can incorporate each into your home.

Clawfoot Tubs

Who does not love to take a nice, warm bubble bath at the end of a long, call a day? Clawfoot tubs are a sleek way to add a little vintage appeal to your bathroom. They are exquisite pieces of furniture that are bound to add a wow factor to any bathroom space. Unfortunately, they are quite vast and take up a fair amount of space, so it is not attainable for everybody to have, but if space is not a problem, this is the perfect piece of dream furniture.

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Dramatic Molding

Molding is an ingenious but beautiful way to add some classic vintage charm to your home. Simple crown molding has remained a quite relevant design trend, but more dramatic and extravagant molding is making a comeback. Adding ceiling molding, wainscoting, and ceiling medallions are some excellent ways to add character to your space, traditional or modern.

Pocket Door

The come back of pocket doors are not a surprise; they are so practical and useful, especially with small space living. Only by adding a pocket door, you can close off a space to achieve privacy, or open it up for entertainment and fluidity. They are also used to add some additional decorative detail to space with a bright coat of paint or attractive design.

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Floral Pattern

When we visualize the floral pattern used in interior design, I think we all can agree that our memory lands us right back to our grandmothers' home. Floral pattern has been revived in a better and more significant way and will have you thinking why you were ever so unpleasant on it before. Designers have been using it in many unique styles, adding little floral details with throw pillows, wall art, or bedding, but they have also been using it to enhance the entire spaces with the use of wallpaper, murals, and couches.

Checkerboard Pattern Floor

There is a good reason why we always keep seeing black and white checkerboard flooring show up in houses everywhere. It is so simple, yet has an elegant appeal, traditional but also modern, and amazingly glamorous yet humble. It is usually used in kitchen spaces and entranceways but now also being seen in bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Because black and white are so versatile. This style of flooring can work well with just about all colors and design styles.

Patterned Wallpaper