Wood Wall Panels Enhancing Visuals of the Modern Walls
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    Wood Wall Panels Enhancing Visuals of the Modern Walls


    Wood Wall Panels Enhancing Visuals of the Modern Walls

    3d decorative wall panels are not a new design element by any means. However, it is a diverse one. Wooden wall paneling has significantly evolved over the years, making it a fascinating topic to have a discussion.

    According to commercial and residential renovation contractors in Toronto, the history of wood wall paneling started in the 16th century in Britain and Western Europe. During this time, wood paneling was known as a luxurious style, and a home interior outfitted with wood was considered a sign of luxury and wealth.

    As time passed, wood wall panels fell out of fashion until the '50s to '70s. The return of the trend was not purely for beauty this time, but more so because it was easy to install and economical.

    Interior wood wall panels have once again made a resurgence. However, it is changed dramatically from past appearances. The most significant difference from the hauntingly fake-looking panels of the 1970s is that today's wall accents utilize real wood. Real wood wall panels give naturality, richness, and authentic feel to any interior design style. With it, you can build a statement or a simple touch of elegance; it is an extremely versatile component.

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    Evolution in building materials has also played a vital role in how stunning modern wood panels can look. Modified wood was a monumental achievement in the way of eco-friendly wood building products for exterior cladding and decking; however, we have also seen a great many examples of how it can also be used in interior applications, including wooden wall panels.

    If the home or the building interior you are designing is lacking a certain level of depth, warmth, and texture, modified wood wall panels may just be the positive revolution you need.

    Here are some examples of how modified wood wall panels can be used.

    An Extravagant Charcoal Wood Backsplash for a Kitchen or Bathroom

    Wood is not often recommended for high-humidity places, like kitchens and bathrooms, but modified wood performs perfectly in these surroundings. This bathroom is super-sleek and modern in design, with a charred wood wall paneling style called Shou Sugi Ban used along with Kebony wood.

    Mixed Materials for a Retro-Industrial Paneled Wall

    This subway station has a retro-industrial look with sleek wood panels. The wood panels add some warmth, while the stainless steel trim and bright gold-orange walls add a sense of life. Compared to the boring concrete walls, this design is vivacious and memorable.

    Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with Thin-Strip Paneling

    The interior of this luxurious spa hotel perfectly pairs with the clean whites blended with real wood. The wall is covered with thin strip panels for a modern appearance. The use of slatted paneling rather than the solid wood is excellent for shared walls, especially glass walls. The strip panels will let in the light, but still provides a sense of privacy mesmerizing.

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    High-Contrast Dark Paneling with Metal and Glass

    This lavish lobby will instantly wow the hotel guests and portrays how upscale wood panels can be. Natural wood is used on the majority of the walls in the lobby, giving the space a dark and sinfully sleek look. Blended with reflective glass elevator doors, round pendant lights, and metal decor, this hotel stands out as an exceedingly lavish Boston destination.

    Diagonal Wall Paneling with a Vintage Charm

    Wood wall panels are traditionally placed horizontally or vertically, but you may also want to consider the diagonal placement. The backdrop to this bar consists of beautiful, high-character wood. The diagonal placement and the tone to the wood seem vintage and weathered. Although a rustic look was the goal here, the diagonal arrangement will be equally attractive in modern settings.

    Creating Character in a Neutral Space

    If you are looking to design a neutral space with the subtle colors of gray and white, you may find that a rich dark brown wall panel is just the piece to enhance the character without being a distraction. Besides, to the neutral color pallet, this space is also vast and open, so the wood not only adds an earthy, natural feel but also makes the area feel comfortable and more intimate.

    Add a Bold Texture to an Accent Wall with Wooden Panels

    Rather than painting the accent wall, consider paneling it instead. This wall partition is covered with Shou Sugi Ban modified wood. This improvement gives the wood even more texture, which only serves to enhance the space. Flat painted or wallpapered walls do not add nearly as much dimension as wood wall panels do.

    Eye-Catching Natural Grained Wood Wall Panels

    The natural grain of this mesmerizing wood wall portrays a rustic setting for a very mesmerizing interior. This style of wood would do well in the modern, minimalist, industrial, and same style rooms. Sticking with simple furnishings will let the wood to make a statement and highlight the room's exquisitely curated style.

    Distinctive Deep Black Wood Wall Covering

    Black decorative 3d wood wall panels have been rapidly growing in popularity as they set the tone for a vibrant and dramatic style. Taking this idea, one step above can be done with a charred Shou Sugi Ban wood. Not only will this provide you the effect of bold dark color, but it will also provide more dimension and character to your space and is surprisingly versatile in the design you couple it with.

    Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Walls with Exposed Structure

    This Scandinavian boathouse is a wood-lovers dream, and despite it being an outdoor structure, a similar idea can be adopted into the residential homes and other types of interiors. The whole interior is clad in wood, and the exposed structure has a rustic look. So you can replicate a similar aesthetic by covering a living room wall in wood paneling and installing a coffered wood ceiling or exposed beams.

    Light and Bright Chic Slatted Wood Panels