The Best Spare Room Design Ideas In 2022

The Best Spare Room Design Ideas In 2022


The Best Spare Room Design Ideas In 2022

Perhaps you've recently moved into a larger home, or maybe a roommate or child has moved out, leaving you with additional space. Or maybe you've had a spare room for a long time and have now chosen to turn it into a valuable and productive area. Whatever the reason, there are nearly limitless options for unused rooms. You can't go wrong with a spare room renovation an inspired workplace to a fully-loaded gym.


Aside from the apparent benefit of having additional space, there are several reasons to rejoice about having an extra room. It allows you to confine certain activities to one place rather than having work documents and workout equipment strewn over the house. Furthermore, the isolated location allows for seclusion and concentration, which would be impossible to achieve otherwise.


Reimagining a spare room doesn't require much time or money - it depends on its purpose. For example, are you setting up a soothing studio to improve your yoga or meditation practice? If this is the case, a clutter-free hideaway may only require a fresh coat of paint and a mat or bolster. However, your spare room design will be more expensive if you want anything more complicated, such as a laundry room. Be honest about how much time, money, and energy you want to put into converting your extra space. The last thing you want to do is build a new room that you don't like or isn't functional.


Are you looking for unique ideas for additional space? Here are some creative design concepts to consider.


1.    Make A Recreational And Gaming Area

Encourage family time and bonding by creating a pleasant game room. Include a large table for puzzles or games, as well as comfy chairs and ample storage for properly storing board games, cards, or video games. ASASA construction offers a subdued color scheme and modest furnishings.

2.    Create A Movie Theatre

If you're a movie buff, or even if you just like a good movie now and then, there's nothing like viewing it on a massive screen in the comfort of your home. Splurge on a projector (or construct one with a DIY project) for an authentic movie experience. Then, accentuate those warm vibes with a deep sofa, luxurious area rug, and blackout curtains, like an interior contemporary home theatre.


3.    Set Up A Home Gym

Excuses will be damned. A home gym can stay on track with your fitness program. Use a high-impact rubber mat to protect the floor before adding your preferred exercise equipment. Like doing a functional room, add a TV, a large mirror, and a ballet bar to create the perfect gym experience.


4.    Create A Library

Allow your passion for books to engulf you in a space dedicated to the written word. Line the walls from floor to ceiling with built-ins or bookcases to exhibit your library like doing with an accessible area. A window seat and a sofa for two are great places to curl up with an excellent book.


5.    Establish A Good Home Office

Numerous inventive ways incorporate a work-from-home setup into almost any house room. However, a dedicated office area with an enormous workstation and proper storage will enhance productivity and organization if you have a spare room and regularly work from home. Personalize the space with a one-of-a-kind rug, artwork, and intriguing lighting.


6.    Convert It Into A Playroom

A playroom containing all (or most) of your children's toys will help keep the rest of your home clutter-free. Add shelves and bookcases (attached to the wall to keep curious climbers out), a cozy chair or two, and plenty of bins and baskets to make clean-up a breeze for kids. Keep it lighthearted with bright colors and playful embellishments.

7.    Construct A Music Room

You can jam without disturbing the rest of the house with a dedicated music area. Decorate it  with instruments and make it functional by adding a table and computer to jot down songs and edit work. If you're a committed musician, try adding insulation to the walls to improve recordings and keep your housemates happy.


8.    Set Up A Gift-Wrapping Station

A peaceful room dedicated to yoga and meditation will nourish your spirit. You don't need much to pull off this decorating idea:

        Keep the clutter to a minimum.

        Paint the walls a soothing hue.

        Store any often-used equipment, such as yoga mats, blocks, and bolsters, in adorable baskets or storage bins.


9.    Create A Good Laundry Room

We realize that a beautiful laundry room will not reduce the washing and folding you must do, but we think it will make it feel less like a job, and you'll have plenty of space to sort, pretreat, and even line dry clothes and linens. Paint the walls an odd color, install a graphic or wood floor tile, and feature a hanging bar and a sink. You can do this for a refreshing area.


10.   Reserve A Changing Room For Yourself

Converting a spare room into a walk-in closet of your dreams will give your possessions some breathing room (and allow you to see what you truly own). You can incorporate plenty of lighting, a floor-length mirror, and a comfortable ottoman.


11.   Create A Home Bar

Extend your entertaining skills by transforming a spare room into a location suitable for entertaining friends and family. You can do this in the spare room by including an island bar with plenty of seats, a mini-fridge, open shelving to display spirits, and even a few interactive games (like darts or pool).

12.   Establish A Homework Station

A peaceful workspace free of distractions and clutter is just as crucial for children doing schoolwork as it is for adults. You can create this workstation by making it appropriate for two people and providing plenty of storage choices and wall-mounted accessories to keep everything organized and tidy.


13.   Create A Garden Oasis For Your Plants

If you have a severe plant obsession, dedicate a section of your home to your green pals. You'll appreciate having your hideaway full of lush vegetation to enjoy a few peaceful moments of introspection, a good book, or a phone conversation with friends. Use a few furniture and decor items to make it exceptionally relaxing and inviting.


14.   14 Make A Warm Nursery

Converting a spare room into a nursery can provide the newest family member with a secure haven. Include fanciful wallpaper, vivid accessories, and eye-catching decor for an age-appropriate yet sophisticated design.


15.   Guest Room

When it comes down to it, there's nothing wrong with using a spare room as a guest bedroom. Make it a retreat that overnight guests enjoy by investing in home-away-from-home essentials like bedside lighting, fluffy pillows, and high-quality bedding. Remember that a clutter-free atmosphere promotes excellent sleep.


16.  Make A Crafts And Projects Area For Creativity

People who enjoy DIY, scrapbooking, and other crafty activities, can quickly transform an extra room into a craft or project space. Have some fun with the decor because you want it to be motivating and enjoyable, especially for such a playful activity.


17.   With A Cozy Snug Room, You Can Relax

A tiny spare room can transform into a more private, pleasant setting for a cozy room. If your budget allows, consider installing a fireplace, a huge bookshelf, and a lovely couch with throw cushions and blankets. The room's black and white design is clean and modern, yet the fireplace gives much warmth, and the giant plant adds some color.


18.    Make A Relaxing Yoga Studio At Home

A yoga studio is an excellent choice for an extra room in the house, especially if you enjoy time with your practice and can't always go to a yoga studio. To eliminate clutter, you'll need to clear out the room of everything. Install a few mats and blocks, and display a few inspirational words. You might also seek a room diffuser.


19.    Convert It Into A Pet Room In The Case Of A Cat Or Dog

It could be a good option for pet owners! A pet-friendly spare room could be what you've been looking for. You may store their toys, sleeping pillows, food and water dishes, and other items there. Cats might benefit from a large scratch post or climbing space.



As you can see, a spare room does not have to be a squandered area full of boxes and garbage in storage or never used. There are numerous ways to use the space and transform it into something both beautiful and functional. The possibilities are limitless!


Consider your passion and whether you can convert that space into a creative space for it, whether it's yoga, the gym, or crafts. Alternatively, you might turn the extra room into an office space for days when you work from home or for your children to do their homework without distractions. If you want any type of consultancy regarding the budget, planning or renovation contact Asasa Construction now. Our professional will guide you properly. 



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