How clean/messy is a hardwood flooring project in real life?

How clean/messy is a hardwood flooring project in real life?


How clean/messy is a hardwood flooring project in real life?

Nothing beats the beauty of stunning hardwood floors. The wood's natural texture and the hue's warmth give your home a sense of coziness or even elegance. But, regardless of the result, whether you're installing new hardwood floor or refinishing existing floors, you can expect some clutter.


Both procedures entail several sophisticated steps, each of which might result in a large amount of debris. So, before installing or refinishing hardwood floors, you should know what to expect. That way, you can plan ahead of time and make things simpler for yourself.

Sanding = Refinishing

To refinish old hardwood, sand the floor to remove the previous finish and prepare the wood to accept the new finish. No matter how careful your installer is, this will result in the dust. There is no way to avoid it, but you can take some steps to assist limit the damage.

1.    Clear the room

Remove any furniture and carpets from the room so that the workers have complete access to the floor. To keep your items dust-free, remove everything hanging on the walls and any garments hanging in closets.

2.    Move Your Family And Pets.

You and your family must avoid any rooms where the flooring finishes. If your home is large enough, you may be able to stay, but in most situations, it recommends that you leave while the flooring install. You should also keep your pets away from the floors, so they do not damage them.


These simple measures can help reduce the inconvenience and overall clutter, making the process easier for you and your family. There are also crucial efforts that workers can take to help contain the unavoidable chaos.

1.     Use Plastic To Confine The Mess

Before starting, workers should lay down plastic drop cloths on any sections that aren't being worked on to protect them from harm. The plastic will also aid in dust containment and removal.

2.     Vacuum

Workers should vacuum between coats. Again, this will help reduce overall dust creation and keep your home clean.

3.     Dust Removal

Many flooring businesses employ specialized equipment to suction dust from the area and collect it in a designated container outside the house. It can help reduce the dust that settles in your home.


No matter how meticulous the workers are, they cannot ensure that there will be no dust. After the task completes, dust will most likely have settled on window ledges, base molding, chair rails, and the tops of doors, as well as any other surfaces in the room. So, once the floors finish, prepare to do a lot of dusting.


Installing Might Also Be A Hassle

Installing new hardwood can be just as dirty because it requires multiple processes, such as removing or prepping the previous floor and cutting the hardwood planks to the correct size. Some dust will inevitably accumulate inside even if they see it is outside your home. Again, most flooring providers will utilize dust containment equipment, but this will not eliminate dust.


Installing new hardwood may require considerable sanding before applying stain and finish, as with refinishing. Sanding will also cause dust to build on uncovered surfaces, although it may readily sweep this off before applying the stain and finish.


Finishing And Staining

While sanding and cutting the boards to size typically cause the most trouble, applying stain and finish can also be messy. As with painting, it is critical to protect surfaces directly near the floor from stain and finish. As with sanding, most businesses will take reasonable precautions to preserve the remainder of your room, but you can expect to do some cleanup regardless of how careful they are.


To Keep The Mess From Spreading, Stop Foot Traffic

The longer you can stay out of the room worked on, will contain the more likely the mess in that room. Dust, stains, and other contaminants may collect on your clothes or shoes as you go through and transmit to adjacent rooms. Allow the newly refinished or installed flooring to fully dry before entering the room to save headaches.


Quickly And Thoroughly Clean Up

When you regain entry to the room, you should dust every surface as soon as possible. You may need to wait a few days before returning rugs and furniture to the room, and when you do, the place felt or rubber pads under the legs to protect the floor.


If you had to relocate any appliances or other electrical equipment during the flooring installation, test them to ensure there are no leaks or electrical issues that could harm the floors. You should also wait a few days before allowing your dogs access to the area, as their claws might cause harm to the newly placed finish and the floor beneath it.



There is no way to prevent the mess while refinishing or installing hardwood floors, no matter how careful you and the flooring professionals you employ. Most homeowners believe the tradeoff is worthwhile in exchange for the unsurpassed beauty of hardwood. Just do everything you can to keep the dust contained and thoroughly clean up afterward, and you'll be able to put the mess behind you and start enjoying your new hardwood floors.


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