Save Money on Trendy Countertops for Kitchen & Bathroom

Most Homeowners are familiar with quartz, Caesarstone, and tile kitchen countertops, but there is a lot more that’s still unexplored by many homeowners. A sleek countertop assures that your guests are bamboozled. Here we have a list of materials that are sure to enhance your knowledge about countertop materials. ASASA Construction is known as the [...]

15 Exclusive Lights to Upgrade Your Kitchen in Low Budget (Kitchen Renovation Ideas)

Kitchen lights are one of the most important factors which affect the overall look of a kitchen. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home, and just like a human heart, it is the most used part of any home.  A kitchen that is aesthetic and visually appealing is sure to [...]

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Renovation Ideas [Materials & Prices for 2020]

If you have decided to renovate or give your kitchen a makeover, cabinet material is the first thing you need to change. For custom kitchen cabinets and renovation, there is alot of variety of materials available in the market. With a little research, it won't be hard to find the perfect material for your kitchen. [...]

Kitchen Peninsulas vs. Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is known to be the heart of your home. It is not just a place to cook food and eat but also used as a place for family gatherings, bonding, working, and much more. In some ways, It is the new living room. To enjoy all the perks your kitchen has for you, [...]

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General Contractor in GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

e veryone wants their house to look according to their desires. A dream house where your heart belongs can make you feel like at home. So if you also want that experience, ASASA Construction can provide you that through our excellent services. ASASA Construction is a family owned licensed company which provides services in [...]

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