Dark Walnut Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are the most popular form of flooring which keeps growing in popularity. It creates a scenario that tends to go with anything from white cabinets to dark furniture. That is why dark hardwood is fresh toned, so it goes with cool and warm paint colors. So, if you are searching for a color [...]

Renovation in Winters-Money Saving Idea by ASASA Construction

Renovation in winters sounds non-viable, right? Disregard of the season, you want your home to feel like home comfortable, safe and inviting. After all, you struggle all day at work so that you can enjoy the time spent when you finally get home. Your home is your ultimate castle, and you spend the most time [...]

Home Renovation Cost 2020

Home renovation can be a pain. Most people are willing to take this pain because they want their houses to feel like home. Renovating a house can indeed get tricky, and it is, of course, expensive. Doing calculations and making a plan can help you save a lot, and it clears your vision about the [...]

12 Amazing House Paint Color Ideas

Whenever thinking about home improvement, you can never ignore the importance of the paint job. It is something that can make or break the look of an entire house. There are tons of paint color ideas with different finishes available in the market. You have the freedom to get a paint job that suits [...]

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Installing Laminate Flooring for the First Time

Everyone wants a desirable place to live in. We want all the sections of the house according to our needs. The floor is considered as one of the most important parts of a house as far as the aesthetic appeal is concerned. An attractive floor can lift the entire feel of the house and [...]

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