Top10 Safety Tips for Commercial Renovation Contractors

Today we will share the top 10 safety tips with commercial renovation contractors so that they can ensure their workers' safety on the job sight.  In Canada, almost 24000 workers get injured on the construction site due to unsafe work practices in the last three years. Out of these, nearly 1800 people got permanently disabled, [...]

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Why Safety at Construction Worksite is Important?

The construction industry is known to be one of the most dangerous working environments. The employees are the risk of health threats while performing life-threatening tasks that sometimes do not end up well. An accident on the construction site can result in a wide range of issues ranging from minor injuries to even death. The [...]

Commercial Renovation Projects: What Should You Expect

Along our journey, we were able to cater to a bunch of commercial renovation projects that made us learn a lot. The contractor should be able to provide clear expectations of the project to the client. Delays and unwanted surprises are not pleasing at all, and besides, it will cost you money. Delays can build [...]

Most Trending Office Design Ideas for 2020 by ASASA

When it comes to sharing the best and trending office design ideas for this year, my mind recalls a recent visit to one of my clients. A few days ago! As the alarm rang, I opened my eyes, still yawning in the bed, feeling a bit off. Finally, I was able to get myself up [...]

10 Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring

Choosing the right contractor for residential or commercial renovation is tricky. Renovation is not an everyday thing, so you should be picky about it. After all, you are going to pour your hard-earned money into something you love.  And I am sure you want it to be perfect. If you do not have proper management, [...]

Office Renovation Budget: How to Plan a Successful Office Renovation

Whether you are going to purchase a house or want an office renovation in the near future, both are worth planning. If you are buying a house for the first time, it will indeed be a daunting and exciting time. Because it is so compelling that you could risk not making several essential considerations, when [...]

A Definitive Guide to Benefit from Drones in the Construction World (2020)

The presence of drones in construction has a significant impact on commercial renovation contractors in Toronto. Drones have already started molding the way the construction industry operates, and those changes will have everlasting effects. They are with equipped features like user-friendly controls, geo-location sensors, 3D scanners, and long battery life. They have the ability to [...]

How to Choose the Best Commercial Renovation Contractor [Top 10 Tips for 2020]

Managing a commercial construction project can be dismay — from setting a budget to deciding on a timeline to assure that the process goes on smoothly. One of the most critical steps in effectively managing a commercial construction project is knowing how to choose a contractor for a project in the first place. Choosing the [...]

Traditional Construction vs. Modern Construction

Today we will explain the pros and cons of Traditional Construction and Modern Construction. The traditional way of construction has been the benchmark for a long time. By its definition, the word traditional means customary, conventional, and established. Whereas modular construction, revolutionizes everything, from scathing time to change of attitudes. Both methods have advantages and [...]

Construction Trends in Canada Over the Years

The first durable architecture at PORT-ROYAL was erected in 1605 by French architectures using resident materials. The first water mill elevated in North America was in 1960 (on the L'Equille River). To aid with the grinding process of the first locally produced corn. Engineering construction began at the same time as construction trends residential agriculture [...]

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