Top Trends In Kitchen Backsplash Design For 2022

Top Trends In Kitchen Backsplash Design For 2022


Top Trends In Kitchen Backsplash Design For 2022

For decades, the backsplash has been an essential component ofany kitchen renovation. It would not only protect the walls above a work area,but it would also compliment the countertop. Backsplashes were frequentlycolorful in the early years, with fruit and vegetable patterns decorating 44ceramic tiles. We've gone through many changes throughout the years, and we nowcan use materials such as natural stone, glass, mirrors, metal, brick, andwood. Backsplash design has gotten more artistic and imaginative, including textures andvaried shaped tiles. Today's backsplash designs combine traditional andcontemporary styles, with personal touches thrown in for good measure. Thisarticle will look at eight backsplash design concepts expected to becomepopular shortly.


Trend # 1 Ceiling-Height Backsplash

The backsplash is a beautiful diamond design that extends to theceiling. When you think of backsplash tile, what area comes to mind? The spacebetween the countertop & the wall cabinetry's underside. If there was no wall cabinetry above the countertop, usually laid the tile straightacross in the same area. Perhaps it's a matter of instinct or tradition. Butit's time to break the mold and bring that tile up the wall and to the ceiling.


We anticipate seeing this trend continue as more and morehouseholds opt for open shelves or windows instead of wall cabinetry.Ceiling-height backsplashes can update classic tile by accentuating a specifickitchen section, establishing a focal point, or allowing a huge patterned tileto sing loud and proud. Higher backsplashes will unify all area features whilealso brightening due to the tile's reflected properties. It is especially trueif you're using white subway tiles. Furthermore, by increasing surface area,tile can provide a visual break from thecabinetry, making the kitchen feel open and providing a perfect backdropfor your office.


Feel free to experiment with various colors, textures, and patternsto achieve an even more opulent impression.


Trend # 2 Larger Subway Tiles - No Longer Just 3" x 6" SubwayTiles

Subway tiles are most commonly seen in 3" x 6" sizes, which have remained popular. Aremarkable testimony to design and functionality. As a result, homeowners haveleft craving for something else. With subway tiles still being a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes,it's not unexpected that larger sizes appear. Homeowners still adore them fortheir clean, timeless appearance and ease of upkeep. However, a few shifts arein the air as we enter a new year.


Manufacturers are starting to develop subway tiles in moresignificant sizes. The average large format size is 4′′x 8′′ or even 4′′x 12′′,but you can check with your local dealer to see what sizes are available. Alarge-format subway tile backsplash is especially useful in a condokitchen since the large tiles offer theillusion of more room. Large-sized subway tiles can also create a sense ofcontinuity if the backsplash extends to the ceiling, not to mention theever-popular. Fewer grout lines to clean. Check out our renovation ideas pagefor a sampling of our best work.

Trend # 3 Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

With the neutrality of quartz worktops, it is no longer enoughto have an essential tile backsplash; more homeowners want something that drawsattention and offers a fascinating focal point for all to enjoy. Many peopleare experimenting with different tile patterns. Among the various upcoming tile patterns are chevron,herringbone, Moroccan fish scale, and laser-cut tile.

One of the most popular emerging trends in the usage of graphicprint or massive pattern tiles is bright, eye-catching hues. These hugepatterned tiles will liven up any space and make any homeowner proud. Keep inmind that the tile, like wallpaper, will contain repeats. It's critical to planout your design ahead of time to look balanced. Check with your local dealer tosee what methods they have and how you may use them on your kitchen backsplash.


Because most of these designs will be "busy," you mustbe careful not to create an overly exciting or cluttered kitchen. We would recommend a basic countertop or perhaps white cabinetry with this pattern to accentuate thebeauty of the patterned backsplash. To make it even more eye-catching, extendthe backsplash to the ceiling. It will be more than just a protective layer; itwill be a work of art.

Trend #4: Even More Eye-Catching Finishes

When installing a different patterned tile under your hood, makesure the tile points towards the hood to bring people's attention to the focuspoint. The stone backsplash added texture and beauty to this kitchen. There arenearly limitless options for finishes to pick from with today's moderntechnology.


Look for tiles with a weathered finish if you want a backsplashwith a somewhat dated appearance. Choose tiles with an acid wash treatment fora washed-out effect. Many finishes are designed to emulate natural looks for amore realistic effect. For example, you can acquire tumbled tiles that make toseem like genuine stones, and they have a charming antique appearance. Thenatural stone impression is also seen in matteor honed finish tiles, popular in luxury-themed kitchens. Dozens finishpicking from, depending on the style you desire for the backsplash and rest forthe kitchen. They are available in various finishes, including glossy andreflective, rustic and country, and aged and weathered.

Trend #5: Welcoming All Colors

Most people accustom to neutral backsplash colors (white, grey,or beige). However, you can now obtain tiles in practically any color you like.Anything goes, from exquisite black to bright yellow.

The backsplash is an excellent place to express one'sindividuality. A surprise splash of color in the kitchen will do the trick.Choose black or charcoal grey tiles to express grandeur. The contrast betweenthe surrounding elements, such as the cabinetry and countertops, will generatethe desired opulent drama. Make sure that you have a strong lighting scheme toappreciate the beauty. If you want an airy ambiance in your kitchen, old white will do OK, but consider acontrasting grout color for an unusual touch.


A blue-tiled backsplash creates a welcoming atmosphere, and ittransforms the kitchen into a cheerful yet calm and pleasant environment.Choose red or yellow tiles if you want a flash of energy anytime your gazedraws to the backsplash area. If you're feeling particularly inventive, combinetwo or three colors to create a striking feature for your workspace. Afascinating yet straightforward alternative is a green stripe at the bottom ofthe backsplash and a white half that extends to the ceiling.


It's an excellent opportunity to experiment with differentstyles and colors. Try a hue you would never have considered before and watchthe magic unfold right before your eyes. If you are unsure, introduce the new color in one or two lines or asindividual tiles spread around the backsplash.

Trend #6 Marble Slabs Rather Than Individual Pieces

Tile is a popular choice for kitchenbacksplashes. For many years, backsplashes have been produced from tile,whether ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Slabs are a unique technique. Incontrast to tile, it is a continuous piece with little breaks. The size willdepend on the material, but it won't be much smaller than a 4' by 8' sheet. So, instead of several individual tinytiles, the backsplash is made up of one colossal slab that spans the entirebacksplash surface. Marble and marble-looking slabs are becoming increasinglypopular.


Its sheer beauty, subtle color change, and distinctive veiningvariety for unique aesthetic appeal draw people in. Because the surface is oneenormous slab, any design elements on the surface draw attention to themselves.In some circumstances, a slab backsplash can help create a smooth transitionfrom the countertop to the backsplash. You now benefit from not needing toclean the awful grout lines. The design options are virtually unlimited. You can select a slab with subtle colorchanges to rich veining patterns.

Trend #7. Alternative Materials

Alternative backsplash materials are unavoidable in a time wheneveryone wants their homes to be one-of-a-kind. This time, instead of ametal-finished tile backsplash, try metal sheet goods as a backsplash.Stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, and perforated are some choices tokeep an eye on.


The same is true for glass-finished backsplashes. While glasstiles are now available for use as a backsplash. Why not use a mix ofmaterials, such as glass and steel? Some individuals get inventive and place acloth behind the glass to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic while avoiding cleaning and fire dangers.What if you painted the back of the glass in your favorite color? How much funis that?


There are also wood backsplashes that can take your kitchen tothe next level, such as wood cladding, shiplap, beadboard, or wainscoting.Although this could be a maintenance burden, most of these are in furniturerather than around the cooking area. You'd need the correct wood with aprotective finish for this. However, don't count out using wood as a wallfinish instead of paint.

Trend # 8 Gold Accents

Instead of grey grout lines, keep an eye out for goldembellishments. The brass fixtures are returning for the foreseeable future,but they infiltrate the backslash's details, and this gold accent adds warmthand refinement to the environment.

Looking For A Beautiful Backsplash?

ASASA construction, which has more than ten years of experience in kitchen designin Toronto, Canada, will assist you in obtaining a gorgeous backsplash. We canmake your kitchen appear excellent by helping you in selecting the suitablebacksplash material and installing elaborate tile backsplash designs, amongother things. Contact us now for a Free Consultationtoday!



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