Top Bathroom Design Trends you can use in 2022

Top Bathroom Design Trends you can use in 2022


Top Bathroom Design Trends you can use in 2022

The bathroom may not seem like the most obvious place in the house to try out new trends. However, if you wish to renovate your bathroom in 2022, we're suitable for it. Because of the space's (typically) small size, it's a simple upgrade that anyone can complete.


You need to loosen up, enliven, and rejuvenate in the bathroom. It should have a modern feel, fascinating tile work, and renovated establishments and fittings, and it should be open & inviting with broad surfaces & tones. A bathroom can add value and appeal to any home. As the leading bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto, ASASA Construction is here to help. We provide many services, from refreshing your powder room to transforming your shower into a luxurious getaway. We assist you in going through various styles and ideas before making a final decision because we want to give you gorgeous bathrooms.


We worked with contractors to compile a list of bathroom trends that will become popular soon. Whether you're looking to make a minor upgrade or a whole overhaul, you'll want to read their expert advice below.


Colorful Oversized Tiles

Grey is one of the most trending bathroom renovation styles in recent years, but that's all about to change. This season, we're moving on to bolder, warmer looks. Grey is lovely, but the color is even more so! Warmer tones were starting to gain popularity in our Top Trends for Bathrooms piece, and we predicted that this trend would continue. So, what's this? It is now their turn! Warmer tones have arrived, that's for sure. We've seen many grey bathrooms in recent years but expect to see more warm-toned bathrooms in the future. Vanities, flooring, and wall tiles are the most prominent examples of this trend! Because some homeowners may be afraid to use these warm tones as a backdrop for their houses, grey may remain a trendy option for those wishing to depart from the traditional white color scheme.


For more information, read bathroom remodeling ideas within budget by ASASA construction.


Free Standing Tubs

Freestanding baths are ideal for extended soaks and relaxation. Although freestanding tubs are not a new trend, they have been growing in popularity in recent years, & we expect them to grow even more this year! Freestanding tubs are not only more comfortable, but they also offer bathrooms the modern and sleek look they deserve. Freestanding tubs make the perfect focal point in your bathroom since they stand alone and attract your eye right away.


The Future Bathrooms

In 2021, we talked about smart toilets, but the entire bathroom is receiving a technological overhaul this year. Install seat warmers, automatic lid openers, adjustable air dryers, built-in deodorizers, and other features inside the toilets. If you think the technology was impressive, wait until you hear about the rest of the bathroom. Brilliant showers, micro-fridges, and automatic sinks will be available in bathrooms in 2022. We recently completed a renovation in which the homeowner could program his shower to start automatically. It means his shower was hot and ready when he arrived home from work!


The built-in Bluetooth speaker system is another trendy thing. With the shower sound, you can now effortlessly rock out & unwind. Other exciting things we've seen include voice-activated lighting & thermostat controls, smart mirrors that talk to you, & increased TV installments, but the possibilities were unlimited. Bathrooms transform into individualized day spas, and new technology makes the experience more pleasant and convenient than ever.


Shower With Two Heads

no longer necessary to wait for your significant other to finish showering! Now showers have grown in size over the last few years, but we expect these large showers to be equipped with two showerheads this year. From dual showerheads to one showerhead and one hand-held shower head, we can see this in various ways. Double showerheads are not only convenient, but they also offer a touch of luxury to your home!


You'll Love These Tile Patterns And Shapes

We have already seen how technology allows manufacturers to produce a wide range of simple tiles. Still, now they're moving beyond colors and graphics to reinvent the standard tile shape.


We see a return of popular titles from the past few decades and a few new patterns. We are not satisfied with merely a subway tile & a vast format tile on the wall. Once again, we have a variety of tile shapes to select from. We were looking for hexagon, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, & chevron patterns in new textures & hues. These attractive forms will be used not only on the floor but also as bathroom backsplashes, wall showers, & potentially ceiling decorations to produce the bold accents we crave.


It is one of the best trends to attempt in 2022 if you're looking for a safe approach to brighten up your bathroom. For more information, check 13 Mid-century Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles Designs & Ideas.


Wood Accents Are Back And More Traditional Than Ever.

Grey is slowly fading from home renovation trends. Warmer tones & accents, mainly wooden, are making a comeback! White, blue, green, & darker colored bathrooms can benefit from different wood colors. Almost everywhere! Wood accents go well with retro and industrial styles, so it's no wonder that they're back in style. This look gives your otherwise trendy and modern bathroom a classically traditional look. We see lifestyles in a variety. Some of the images below show just a handful of the options available when it comes to choosing wood tones for your bathroom renovation in 2022.


For more information, check the top reasons why you need bathroom renovation.


For All You Neat Freaks, Small Spaces For Storage 

Are you tired of cramped spaces for the unkempt cabinet? We're in the same boat. Bathrooms in 2022 will demonstrate more straightforward ways of life by minimizing item storage and the amount of space required. Will simplify storage rooms, cupboards, shelves, & other items to encourage minimalist habits. This way of life tries to reduce stress & keep you more organized. Even if your rooms are not as minimalist, the bathroom should be a relaxing haven, & a small storage area can help you achieve that. Hidden cabinets, sleek wall shelving, & under-the-vanity storage will make the bathroom appear less congested, making it feel more open and tidier.


Advanced & Asymmetric Mirrors

Asymmetrical Mirrors have here, & they are better than ever. The buzz is all about unique & geometric mirror shapes, but that's not all! Mirrors are becoming smart, just like the rest of the bathroom. May find anti-fog technologies, innovative touch capabilities, USB charging terminals, and just about anything else you can think of mirrors. The days of plated mirrors are gone. Possibly of a curved frame on the rise, you can do what you want when selecting the trending style. We also didn't overlook the most trendy aspect of bathroom mirrors: lighting. It all comes down to the lighting.


It wouldn't be worth it to get ready in your sleek and elegant bathroom if you didn't look stunning when you emerged, right? While we all love the concept of fun designs & devices, we prioritize functionality. It is why contemporary backlit mirrors and front-lit mirrors are becoming increasingly popular. Backlit mirrors are a more discreet option than yet provide adequate lighting. Front-lit mirrors for more creativity, although they may detract from the asymmetrical curve of the mirror. Continue scrolling for more photo ideas!


Vanities For Floating Bathrooms

For years, floating bathroom vanities with modern design. However, with the lifestyles simplification, new design aesthetics & trends, & sometimes just the square footage available, floating bathroom vanities are the perfect finishing touch to take your bathroom to the next level. This trendy style breaks up the visual weight of the cabinetry & allows the complementary materials to be the focal point of the area. There's no need to stress storage because you can incorporate built-in organization sections into the cabinetry or put baskets underneath for artistic utility.


The Wallpaper Is Back And Better Than Ever.

When you hear the word wallpaper, some of you may cringe, while others may exult, but one thing is sure. We're not talking about your grandmother's wallpaper here. Newer varieties are even peeling and stick, which eliminates the need for adhesive cleanup and is far more forgiving for first-timers. Are you ready to take a chance & breathe new life into your home? The storeroom is an excellent place to start because it's a smaller space with minimal moisture issues, a door that can keep shut, and a door that can be readily changed if necessary. Treat them to a beautiful new storage room with stunning wallpaper when your guests come over. For the best budget bathroom renovation ideas, visit us.


Final Thought

As the most dependable bathroom renovation contractor, ASASA Construction is proud of its reputation. Renovating a bathroom is not simple, and however, with a little hard work & perseverance, you can create a stunning bathroom within your budget. When there is high competition throughout the market, you are guaranteed to get a good deal on contractors. Bathroom renovations are done only once in a blue moon, so make sure you treat your bathroom right.


Don't be afraid to visit several contractors to acquire more possibilities within your budget. Slow and steady is the key; else, you can end up destroying the entire bathroom.


See ASASA Construction's Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget for further information.



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