Remodel Vs. Renovation: What's The Difference & Why Does It Matter

Remodel Vs. Renovation: What's The Difference & Why Does It Matter?


Remodel Vs. Renovation: What's The Difference & Why Does It Matter?

You may not realize it, but there is a distinction between remodeling and renovation, and it counts when budgeting and speaking with a contractor. Renovate returning to a better state (as by cleaning, restoring, or rebuilding), whereas your home remodeling or commercial refers to changing the structure. The main distinction is that when you renovate anything, such as your bathroom, you are fixing or rebuilding it. If you wanted to renovate it, you would have to demo and rebuild it to modify the appearance.


A renovation alters the appearance of a room without changing its layout or intended purpose.

Room Renovation in your home is a terrific way to give it a facelift with simple upgrades. It can be significantly less expensive and DIY-friendly than a redesign, and there are various ways to renovate a room to make it look brand new.


Paint Job

It's remarkable how much a fresh coat of paint can transform the appearance of a place. It's also a simple DIY job; sometimes, the space doesn't require much more. A few things to keep in mind are that you should use painter tape to preserve your molding, especially original wood molding, so you don't have to chip it off and scratch the molding. For deeper colors, prime thoroughly so your new color can cover the old.


To avoid damaging the wall or ceiling, take the correct precautions while removing wallpaper or borders. Soak it thoroughly and remove it with the right paint tools before commencing the primer and paint job.


It might be tough to choose a color at times, but it can be beneficial to search for linens or other décor before settling on one. Also, remember that you may take any number of paint samples home from the hardware store to take with you when you go shopping, and even tape them to the walls to get an idea of what the color you want would look like in the light of the space.


Cabinet Hardware Replacement

Updating the cabinet hardware is one of the simplest ways to transform your kitchen or bathroom. Nothing may go out of style faster than drawer and cabinet handle; they simply unscrew and may be replaced easily. You can frequently get lucky and locate secondhand hardware from other people's restorations where they've also changed their hardware. Otherwise, they might cost between $1 and $20 per piece.


New Backsplashes And Countertops

Countertops and backsplashes can often be found secondhand or in showrooms that sell hardware store overstock at reduced prices. It will necessitate some demolition of your present countertops, but it can be a fun weekend group project that will completely change your kitchen or bathroom without requiring cabinet replacement.


Can tile backsplashes the old-fashioned way, which may necessitate some expertise or experience. Stick-on backsplash sheets that look like actual marble or stone but cost a fraction of the price are also available.


Flooring Replacement

Installing a new floor & refinishing an existing one may be an awesome makeover that can make a room appear entirely updated. New floors, for example, might be costly and labor-intensive, depending on the path taken. Refinishing wood floors is a considerable enhancement you can accomplish yourself, but it takes time and may take a room out of commission while it complete.


Bathroom flooring is an excellent upgrade that can complete over the weekend. The existing tiles or laminate floors should be quite easy to remove. Laminate wood flooring that looks just like the real thing yet resists rot and works with moisture is a new modern flooring option for bathrooms, and it may be simpler to trim around baseboards and toilets.


Plumbing And Light Fixture Replacement

For those who want to do it themselves, replacing light fixtures does not require additional electrical work or wiring. It is possible to replace ceiling lights or wall sconces by simply disconnecting from the electrical connections and inserting a comparable fixture.


Plumbing renovations include installing a new sink, dishwasher, laundry, or other appliances. Many stores offer delivery and installation for an additional price, which can be just what a space needs to take it to the next level of elegance and functionality.


Remodeling Entails Changing A Room's Structure, Size, Or Layout

Remodeling is significantly more invasive than renovation and involves more materials and work. It may be more expensive because anything beyond demolition may necessitate the appointment of a professional crew.

Structure Demolition And Removal

Demo day might be the most enjoyable part of upgrading your house! You can focus your rage by slamming a sledgehammer into that unsightly, heavy wall you've always wanted to knock down. Make a day demoing walls or structures because you can do it without employing a staff. Simply invite your family or friends to assist you in exchange for pizza or beer.


When removing cabinetry, you may frequently pry it gently enough to save countertops, cabinets, and built-ins and resell or repurpose them after the remodel. To avoid any disasters, make sure to switch off all electrical or plumbing in the demo areas. Keep an eye out for walls with outlets and wiring that can harm if the wall demo is wrong.

Layout Design

Hire renovation expert to help you with building and layout planning. We have a tool that allows you to see a 3D model of your new area before you conduct any demolition. Ensuring this is done correctly, with precise measurements, material planning, and budgeting can help the remodeling run as smoothly as possible, with no extra surprises.


Drywall And Framing

Following demolition, all superfluous drywall bits and frameworks that are not supporting structures will be removed, and will rebuild the framing. Reframing can be done in any space, whether pulling down a wall to make more room or building up a wall to change the design of a room or addition. Last will come drywall and insulation, followed by putty, primer, and paint.

Electrical Work & Rewiring

Many modern homes developed in the previous several years feature many outlets per wall compared to earlier homes. Rewiring and adding extra outlets can be a terrific method to rebuild a room so that the location of power or light fixtures does not determine the layout of your area. It is an opportunity to alter your home's electrical work to accommodate any furniture or design configuration. Furthermore, an old house's electrical system should be tested and maintained to avoid fires or other problems.

Plumbing That Is New Or Updated

One of the more expensive aspects of house improvement is updating the plumbing. When remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, you don't have to use the original plumbing or fittings. A skilled plumber will be able to collaborate with you throughout the remodeling process to properly set where and how the plumbing will go to make it the most functional and stylish for your design.


Getting new ductwork built during a makeover isn't always necessary; you may get away with cleaning your ducts and vents. Regarding pricing, ductwork will determine per foot and size. When the contractor works on layout planning, he will also plan the ducting.


So remember that when it comes to redesigning a room in your home, you have a few solutions that don't always necessitate demolishing walls or cabinets. It can accomplish a lot with non-invasive updates. ASASA Construction contractors, on the other hand, can work through a complete beginning to end planning process to renovate a room or many rooms in your home to give you the dream house you've always desired.


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