How Does Home Addition Help to Increase the Value of Your House

How Does Home Addition Help to Increase the Value of Your House?


How Does Home Addition Help to Increase the Value of Your House?

Whether you've just moved in or have lived there for years, developing a renovation plan and constructing your addition is the quickest method to raise the value of your home. Starting small can be beneficial in some circumstances, but working your way down from more significant undertakings to smaller ones can also be helpful. Repainting with a more current color scheme and redesigning to make the area look more inviting are two strategies to boost your home's worth and speed up the sale process if you're planning to sell. Home addition to your home, on the other hand, is the most effective strategy to improve your profit and make it more appealing to potential purchasers. 

People build additions to their homes for various reasons, like taking care of aged parents, which may necessitate the addition of an in-law suite. More children may need the addition of more bedrooms and bathrooms.


Some home additions did because the homeowner desires an enormous closet or a full-size pantry. The homeowner wishes to convert an unfinished basement or garage into a functional living space. You might want to build a garage to a house that doesn't have one or convert an open carport into a garage. Here are some reasons why home addition can boost its value:

Large storage space

Extra space is a valuable commodity in any home. Even if you don't have much room, making the most of what you do have, incredibly underutilized areas, is a beautiful way to increase the value of your home. 


If a property lacks well-designed storage areas, it loses its charm. Whether you're planning a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation, be sure there's enough space to store your items. However, it should construct a storage area to add to the home's aesthetic value.

Improve the ceiling's look

Most homeowners overlook their ceilings, which is a significant error. A regular roof is nothing more than a barrier between you and the open sky. We are not, however, on a quest to be boring. A home with a well-decorated, stylish, and patterned ceiling has a creative appearance, and it's a fantastic addition to any home.

Kitchen addition

Larger kitchens renovation are in demand now more than ever, and having one will raise the value of your property. Even simple kitchen modifications can make a space feel larger and more open. If you desperately need more kitchen space, you can knock down an exterior wall and install a tiny dining area and pantry. You may also increase your cooking space by building an outdoor kitchen on your deck or patio.

A kitchen house addition may include the construction of an altogether new kitchen and the conversion of an existing tiny kitchen into a pantry or mudroom. Kitchen additions are some of the most expensive home improvement projects you can accomplish due to the expense of plumbing, appliances, and new countertops. An experienced contractor can help you stay inside your budget for home addition services.


Kitchens with obsolete hardware, asymmetrical motifs, and mismatched colors are unlikely to appeal to anyone. Because the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms, it will require more regular upgrades and upkeep than other rooms. Installing a sunroof in the kitchen, altering the floors, installing new cabinetry, or changing the color palette are all good ways to improve the look of your kitchen.


Bathroom Renovation/Addition

Planning a home addition that includes a new bathroom (or expanding an existing one) can be costly. Bathroom home additions, like kitchens, are more expensive than other rooms due to plumbing costs. Bathrooms are also an investment due to the expense of countertops, floors, and energy.

If your main bathroom is small, expanding it can allow you to add a soaking tub or a massive vanity with two sinks. For large families, a larger main bathroom can be beneficial. You can also install a small half-bath or a water closet in the limited space beneath your stairs. A half-bathroom can be converted from an underused closet, helpful in entertaining or having overnight guests.


Because the least impressionable people will be impressed by bathroom improvements or the construction of a new one, a well-designed, well-organized, and light bathroom can significantly enhance its appeal. If you have any extra rooms around the house, try adding a bathroom to one of them.


Basement Home Addition

Finishing your basement could be a straightforward home addition. A basement home addition is an attractive choice because it can save money on house addition costs by utilizing that space. It is less expensive to construct within existing walls than adding a second level or a bump-out construction.


Local building codes may require you to have a particular number of basements exits. Expect your basement home's addition prices to increase if you need to add extra doors or windows. Otherwise, finishing a basement is a simple method to add a small apartment, a game area, a gym, a home theatre, or additional bedrooms.


When you visit a property with a basement home theatre, a fully equipped gym, a game area, and additional bedrooms, aren't you usually wowed? Adding a basement to your home will significantly increase the value of your property.

Improved Lighting

If your home is dark and dull, it will fail to impress no matter how wonderfully equipped it is. Installing windows and skylights instead of light fixtures is preferable since they are more pleasing to the eye and provide a natural light source.

Garage Additions

If your garage doesn't have a second floor, you might be able to add one to provide your family with the extra room they require. Check with a constructor before beginning your home renovation service plans to ensure that your garage foundation and construction can withstand the weight of a second level. Extra safety precautions, including fireproof drywall and vapor barriers between the groups, maybe necessary when constructing a structure over a garage.


Can build an in-law suite or teen suite on top of a standalone garage. You might also make a studio apartment with a bathroom and kitchenette and rent it out to boost your income. Most garages can accommodate a pleasant playroom or bonus area, and you can even use it as a storage unit instead of paying for one across town. Adding all these things in your garage to your home will significantly increase the value of your property.

Bedroom Additions

Adding a bedroom to your home can be done in various ways. When deciding how to add an extra bedroom to your home, the attic, basement, or garage are all possibilities. A covered patio might form an excellent main bedroom, especially if its roof is already part of the main home structure.

The bedroom must have at least one door that opens inside the house and at least one window that opens to the outside in most counties and cities. It provides two possible escape routes in the event of a fire. If you can't satisfy these standards in your chosen space, you'll have to find another location for the additional bedroom home extensions.


Home Additions to the Closet and Pantry

Adding a closet or pantry to an existing floor plan is one of the most straightforward home modifications. Moving inside walls or erecting new ones can often be done within the home's original footprint. Bump-outs are also helpful in smaller walk-in closets and kitchen pantries.


Many people are converting their underused spare bedrooms into massive closet rooms. Moving walls and establishing doors between the main bedroom and the new closet space may be necessary. Today's latest closet home improvements come with a plethora of opulent amenities. May find furniture, mirrored walls, extravagant chandeliers, and specific storage solutions for every sort of apparel and accessory in these dressing rooms, and these will increase the value of your home.

Additions of a Sun Room and a Screened Porch

While a patio or porch is lovely, a sunroom or screened porch will likely be more useful to you and your family. The cost of home addition is minimal because the foundation is usually already in place. Your home addition builders may only need to fill in gaps between existing studs and use the existing roof.


If you want a sunroom included in the square footage of your house, it must be heated in the winter and include a door that leads into the house. These rooms, which usually have many windows, are ideal for socializing, dining, and growing house plants.


A screened porch may not qualify as interior square footage, but it does improve the quality of life in your home. It is especially true if you live in a hot region and require a well-ventilated outdoor living space free of mosquitoes and other pests. Suppose you reside in an area where maybe snowfall anytime; check with your home addition contractor to ensure that the construction can withstand the weight of heavy snowfall.


If any of the above house additions appeal to you, contact ASASA construction, whose hands-on knowledge will assist you in achieving the home of your dreams.



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