Decorative Wall Panels Adding Grace to Dull Interiors
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    Decorative Wall Panels Adding Grace to Dull Interiors


    Decorative Wall Panels Adding Grace to Dull Interiors

    What are Wall Panels? 


    Wall panel is a decoration over walls. Panels can be a single piece of material or cut into rectangular shapes. Since it is a decoration material, it is an outer covering for the wall. Wall panels provide insulation and soundproofing. There is no size limit for wall panels, but it is usually 24 inches by 8 inches for ease of transportation. Though the paint is not required if you are using wall panels, I suggest Spar wall putty over the wall surface before paneling.

    Types of wall panels:


    The 3D wall panels come in  a variety of styles and price points. The panels are primarily differentiated based on the core material used in their production . The price points also differ with the material used in producing the wall panels. The different varieties of wall panels include — Leather, Bamboo, Gypsum, Wood, MDF, Fabric, PVC, Glass, and Metal.

    Faux- Leather 3D panels: 


    These are known as the most premium wall panels, provide a unique expression for feature walls. Not only just for looks, but these wall panels also deliver fantastic performance for sound absorption, creating an excellent ambiance for private and comfy space. And, the cost is reflective of the quality and the unique features they possess. These panels are great for using them as featured walls, or they could even go on the ceiling. Perfect to use for both commercial and residential properties. These 3D wall Panels enhance the living room, entrance walls, bedheads, fireplace wall, theatre rooms, board rooms, retail spaces, etc. 

    Bamboo 3D panels:


    These eco-friendly wall panels are pretty perfect for people who are searching for highlighting their walls but are on a strict budget. These wall panels are created from Bamboo plant fibers and are very lightweight. Make the nature go alive on your walls with these amazing Bamboo wall panels. They are sure to add the ultimate uniqueness and innovation to your walls. The Bamboo 3D Wall Panels formerly come in white and are paintable in any color of your choice

    PVC 3D panels


    UV- PVC wall panels are affixed to your walls using glue. The PVC panels come in a wide variety of options, whether 3D or non-3D. The PVC wall panels are a not environmental friendly swap for 3D Bamboo Wall Panels. They are economical, but that comes to a price of eco-friendliness. Our UV-PVC Marble Sheets do not have a 3-dimensional design; however, they are very economical alternative for Marble; they provide a much more finished appeal than Marble Sheets. It is very light in comparison to Marble, these PVC wall panels are also very durable and simple to install. These UV-PVC Marble Sheets are available in 8 ft by 4 ft sheets. 

    Fabric 3D panels: 


    Fabric 3D Panels are expensive products, available in the shape of panels. As these panels portray luxury aesthetics, they are trendy in high-end establishments such as luxury hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. These panels have a high-rebound, comparatively soft, and often need special care and maintenance. ASASA Construction, Wall Panel Collection, is the blend of the Faux – Leather 3D Wall Panel collection & Fabric 3D wall panels. 

    Gypsum 3D panels: 


    These 3D wall panels can be molded into any structure and shape, making them very popular in the restaurant renovation in Aurora. As these panels are created from Gypsum, these are not suitable for applying in spaces where the chances of moisture intrusion are high. This is a easily customizable wall panel, when combined with fantastic lighting, delivers an amazing ambiance.

    Wood 3D panels:


    Created from the natural wooden chips, these panels can provide unique vintage look to your walls. On the cons part, these panels can be significantly affected by moisture. Therefore, you should use these panels on the walls where the chances of moisture ingress are relatively low.

    Glass 3D panels: 

    The Glass 3D wall panels are created from toughened glass and are quite expensive and need extra care & precision. Glass 3D wall panels are available in a variety of designs and patterns.  

    Metal 3D panels: 

    The Metal decorative wall panels can be used in your living rooms for creating a unique ambiance by blending with suitable light patterns. These 3D panels, although expensive, can render a unique look to your room. However, these spectacular pieces of art may not be everyone’s cup of coffee.

    Installation Methods

    It is a more of a general installation guide:

    Preparing the Surface:

    Decorative 3D wood wall panels are installed over smooth and even surfaces. However, they could be installed on current paint (including the metallic paint) and wallpaper base as long as the wall is also smooth. Before applying the wall panels, surface must be made clean and dry. Special attention should be given to any loose debris that may be present in the walls. Major damages and holes can be a hurdle during the installation, and therefore, it should be repaired. In some cases, if the walls a glossy paint, you may need to dull the surface using a sandpaper to make a smooth bonding.

    Installing the Wall Panels:

    Find out whether your  installation will be a floating design, wall-to-wall or a strip of panels. To figure out the right installation pattern, you can draw the grids on the wall or lay-out the panels on the floor. Dot he comparison between the size of the wall to the size of the panel to estimate how many panels your wall may require. 

    Using a Permanent Adhesive

    For permanent installations in complicated weather conditions, always follow the producer’s instructions for the use of adhesive. For panels the come with a slight bow, flexing can render in flattening the panel. Idf the panels are not flat, especially around the edges, should not be used during the installation.

    Cleaning Up the Panels: 

    Use a damp rag to remove the mastic that is compiled in the panels or rollers during the installation. You can also wipe the panels or rollers while they are wet, just make sure that it does not impact the positioning of the panels. Besides, minimize the wiping on the panels that are not primed. Excessive damp wiping of unprimed wall panels may cause the panels to clutter up some pulp. Finally, ensure that the panels are adjoined as closely with each other as possible.

    Preparing the Panels:

    Items required: 

    • Joint Compound
    • Utility Knife
    • Drywall Primer/Sealer
    • Adhesives– Polymer Adhesive
    • High Grit Sandpaper
    • Painting Supplies
    • Metal Ruler
    • Wallpaper Seam Roller
    • Level
    • Contact Cement

    Placing the Panels on the Walls 

    Before proceeding with placing the wall panels, plan the design thoroughly, keeping in mind the desired results. Follow the steps for setting the 3D decorative wall panels.

    The decorative panels are to be placed on the wall in the similar way, regardless of the adhesion method you used. Ensure that the panels that are installed in the starting are placed as straight as possible. Use a level to  make sure of the proper alignment. Look out for any wall damages or wall impurity at the outset to evade any problems later on.

    The panels should be placed next to one another, fitting them closely to minimize the seams. To minimize cutting on a wall-to-wall installation, try to work across the wall, beginning from one corner and moving from the top. Remember which panels require to be cut if you are from the center.

    Cutting the Panels:

    Use the standard utility knife to cut the panels. To make sure a straight cut, make multiple passes on the panel, cutting deeper every time. After cutting, use a sandpaper (350 grit) to sand out the edges.

    Filling Gaps:

    If your wall is not entirely straight, or if a panel is improperly cut, a panel block may be slightly out of position. You can rectify it with a paintable caulk or a joint compound. Seam problems are to be addressed before painting and after priming. Make sure that the right quantity of adhesive is used in the panels to render excellent fixing of the panels. A lot proper dry time and reapply if required. Minimize wiping as much as possible on the panels that have not been primed.

    Applying Primer and Final Sanding

    After you are done fixing the panels and filling the seams, apply a light coat of the sandable drywall primer/sealer. Once the primer dries, a light, quick, and gentle sanding over the wall will make sure smoothening of the wall surface for painting. It will also remove any outside debris on the wall.


    The decorative wall panels that  can be painted are now set to be rolled, brushed or sprayed. Ensure to prime the panels first. To evade oversaturation of panels, try to use multiple light misting coats instead of one heavy coat. To know more about the proper method of applying paint, refer to the producers guidelines for the number of layers, dry times, and climatic and environmental conditions. You can also work with expert painters to help you obtain the desired look. 

    Where to Buy

    You can purchase the wall Panels online as well as from your local store. 


    3D decorative wall panels are surprisingly easy to maintain. You can remove dust and foutter debris from the surface of the panels by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth. You can also use water and soap to clean the surface. Proper cleaning and care will help your wall to retain its grace for coming years.

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