Complete Checklist For Commercial and Office Renovation Projects

Complete Checklist For Commercial and Office Renovation Projects


Complete Checklist For Commercial and Office Renovation Projects

Before beginning any design and renovation work:

  1. Review the zoning bylaws and logistics plan.
  2. Consult with the municipality to determine what is and is not permissible with your building.
  3. Examine the certification, occupancy, and property violation statuses to ensure that nothing on record will jeopardize your Commercial or Office renovation plans.


Once you've determined that there are no legal or logistical impediments to your plans, divide the remodeling process into two categories:


  1. Capital enhancements
  2. Tenant enhancements


Organizing the entire process into these two buckets will aid in determining priorities and streamlining the amount of time and energy dedicated to the project.

Capital Enhancements

Capital improvements are renovations and investments that increase an asset's overall value. In the case of a commercial structure, some examples are:


  • Increases in the number of floors in the building
  • constructing or retrofitting parking garages at or below grade
  • Adding outdoor space, such as terraces on selected building floors


You get the picture. These are additions to the building intended to increase the overall value of the structure. The main distinction between capital improvements and tenant improvements is that the building owner makes capital improvements.

Tenant Enhancements

Tenant improvements, also known as leasehold improvements, are structural changes to leased office space made and paid for by the tenants. These changes customize the look and feel of the space to match the company currently occupying the space's unique style and tastes.


How Long Does It Take To Renovate An Office?

The job size determines the length of a renovation process. For example, ASASA   can complete small projects around the house in four to six months. Larger projects can take a year or more to complete, particularly those in commercial office space.


You must also consider the time and resources required to plan the renovation. The project starts long before the actual construction begins.


This blog about renovating a restaurant provides a great example of thinking about this process. Timelines, the number of construction crews, the number of people on each construction crew, capital equipment rentals, and other factors are considered during the planning phase.


Each step in the planning process adds to the overall time required to renovate commercial space. Create a project management plan outlining the time and resources required to complete the renovation. Suppose project management is not your strong suit. In that case, you can form a partnership with an experienced firm that will be the single point of contact for the renovation's phases, teams, maintenance, and material planning.


Checklist For Commercial Office Renovation

We're now getting into the nitty-gritty of the commercial office renovation checklist. An experienced partner with connections to proven contractors, pipefitters, architects, Custom millwork Contractors, and even general contracting can take some of the load off your in-house team.


Here's a quick rundown of everything you should put on your checklist.


It is the most crucial step in the renovation procedure. Like building a new office space, the planning phase establishes the schedule for how and when will complete the work.



The design phase divides into two distinct stages. There is a pre-design phase, which may overlap with the process's planning phase. The pre-designs sketch out the concept of how the new addition to the commercial space will look and function. The design work can begin once all key stakeholders agree on the concept.


Electrical, Plumbing, And Building Permits

Project managers will negotiate contracts with qualified electricians and plumbers to install the necessary additions to the new space. Lawyers for your company will also need to negotiate a permit with the municipality to get the new addition approved in the pre-construction stage


It is the stage at which all deadlines has met, designs finalized, and all permits approved. It's a chance for everyone to quickly go over the plans again before the on-site work begins.


Office Renovation Planning

The completion date determines during the project's planning phase. Now, the crew foreman collaborates with the project managers to establish key project milestones for each construction phase. It ensures that all crews use it efficiently to meet the final deadline on time.

projections and material acquisition


Once the schedules establish, you can begin calculating the materials and equipment needed for the job. To keep costs in check, create a budget in advance.


Construction As Well As Post-Construction

The true construction work begins once the design completes, the schedule establishes, and the cost projections calculate. Crews will adhere to the plans and finish the renovation to code, ensuring that post-construction inspections and approvals go off without a hitch.


Why Choose To Construct It?

Renovations do not have to be entirely on your shoulders. Companies like BUILD IT can relieve some of your team's burdens by managing relationships with general contractors, electricians, city planners, and others.


BUILD IT has assisted hundreds of world-class brands in creating office space with iconic designs that reflect the company's overall mission. We have proven to experience guiding clients through the various services we offer, such as:

  • Consultations before construction
  • General contracting with full service
  • Project administration
  • Services for Millwork Design
  • and much more

Great projects necessitate constructive thinkers who build it provides. If you're ready to make your next renovation stand out, contact the ASASA Construction team, and we'll develop innovative solutions to help you meet your deadline. Nothing stands in our way on opening day.


Making The Best Decision

Never enter into a contract with a commercial design and construction firm without conducting extensive research. Allow them to visit your construction site, look over their proposals, and ask questions until you're satisfied. If you take the time to research and select a qualified firm, you will reap the benefits. Hiring a trustworthy firm with integrity who is a good fit for your company will give you peace of mind. Take the time to research multiple commercial renovation contractors in Toronto, Canada, and choose the one that best meets most of your requirements. Begin early, before all the good books!



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