Commercial Buildings Lobby Design Tips
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    Commercial Buildings Lobby Design Tips


    Commercial Buildings Lobby Design Tips

    The first impression is the last, either it's your home or your office. The design of the lobby reception areas is an essential element of your brand image. A lot of things happen at the office lobby; people pass through it all day long. Even though most visitors may only linger there a few minutes, their time in this space will leave a forever lasting impression, says commercial renovation contractors in Oakville.

    Your reception area is telling visitors a lot about your company: is it forward-thinking? Is it confident with its brand? Is it successful or is it creative and energetic?

    A well-designed office lobby will be a constant reminder to the team members that they are working for a great company they are excited to be a part of. It will inspire interviewees to work hard to land a job here. It will also intrigue potential clients and keep current ones feeling comfortable, confident, and appreciated. How can one small area in your office work so much magic? We asked some professionals for commercial renovation services in Oakville for their advice in designing the office reception.

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    Comfortable and Elegant Interior

    We all agree with the fact that comfortable design looks like and understands why the company should provide a welcoming place for visitors. Making this thing possible can be a little tricky A reception area should be comfortable and inviting but yet elegant and sophisticated. The key to success is to find furniture and décor that portrays a line between the two.

    You do not want a visitor to have to perch on a chair that is more modern art than seating, but you also do not want to put a big couch or recliner. To find elements that work well in a reception area, contact the design companies that provide furniture for the modern office environment and search design magazines and the internet for more ideas.

    You may also want to think about the small touches that make your reception area more appealing. Give your visitors a stand where they can stow wet umbrellas and hang their coats, and decorate with stylish but practical components—as runner rugs placed right at the entrance so that guests would be warned with a 'Wet Floor' sign. Magazines and even company brochures can provide an excellent way to pass the time—just ensure that they are up to date and neatly placed. Top commercial construction companies in Oakville enforce WiFi, and grouped seats that allow visiting teams to get work done are other essential.

    You can also contact the interior design company for best lobby designs for Hotel and commercial buildings that can guide you throughout till the completion of the modern office environment.

    To make your office lobby more visually pleasing, you can always add some small touches  like:

    • A stand to stow wet umbrellas/coats
    • Combining elements like the runner rugs
    • Magazines or company brochures for time pass in the lobby, etc.

    There Should be No Confusion in Style Design

    Did you ever wonder about the line to join or which receptionist to go to in a vast office lobby? It can be confusing most of the time. Therefore, it is essential to create no confusion regarding style layout for office space. It lets your staff have a clear line of sight towards the entrance, and they can easily guide the visitors as they arrive. It makes your team have a clear view of the door so they can guide visitors as they come. In case you have a vast reception area, you can make way finding easier by placing signs to help your visitors to find the way. Make sure that the elevators, emergency exits, bathrooms, and other familiar places are marked.

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    Looking for sleek renovation services for commercial buildings lobbies? ASASA Construction offers jaw-dropping lobby renovation services.

    A Sophisticated Brand Design

    The next design idea is called a modern brand design. Think hard about the message that you want your reception area to portray to the visitors as your office lobby is the first real-world interaction with the brand.

    Apart from comfortability and practicality, the office lobby design must reflect your brand and its fundamental values.

    While decorating, you must take into consideration:

    • Your company's brand color
    • The place of the logo design, etc.

    Easy to Navigate Interior

    This kind of office lobby design makes sure your office lobby is easy to navigate. Your office reception is a high-traffic place. Therefore, it must be comfortable and should have sufficient seating. Reception desk, elevators, and other sites; this type of interior design is the most in-demand lobby design with clear lines for movement between the entrance.

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    Create a Welcoming Environment

    As the first place the visitors will see as they enter your office space, it's important that the reception area feels inviting and friendly. The most critical aspect of this, of course, is the human component— being greeted nicely by a smiling receptionist ready to cater to your visitor's requirements.

    More subtle elements can help in this mission, too. Invest in some art for the walls or baffling design components to the creativity, classiness, and good taste of the project. Plants keep a space feeling organic and cozy — some big, leafy ones, as many as you can incorporate into space without it feeling like a mess. Natural lighting goes along with plants to help fight that synthetic, fluorescent-lit farm atmosphere and make your space feel more like a home instead.

    Finally, give your guests get the feeling that you have thought ahead of their needs. A comfortable seating area with some snacks and beverages will project your visitors that you are looking out for them and anticipating their needs.

    Keep it Branded

    Your reception area should be unique and appealing in all ways. It should be uniquely yours. Display your company logo, and do not be profound about it. It should be big, recognizable, and well-lit —spotlighting can be perfect for boldly drawing attention to the signature design. Offering branded take-away items like business cards, pens, stickers, and more can also be a great way to help your visitor get a positive memory of your company.

    Take advantage of the space to help tell your company's story, too. Display the awards and medals that you have won, as well as evidence of charitable pursuits. Show off your best clients and the most successful project.

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    Create Connections

    You may want your office space to feel modern. Provide an open WiFi network so that your visitors can do some work while they are waiting. Putting a TV or two turned on to a 24-hour news network builds the impression that you are tuned in to the latest events happening in the world and your industry.

    These are some simple suggestions that can be tweaked to fit any business and any brand personality. With these easy updates to your office lobby, you will be on your way to having a company that's memorable and exciting to anyone who passes through your doors.

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    Control Germs

    Hospital clients may reject water features, live plants, and other design elements that could pose a sanitation risk, but such components may be the key to your client's project.  What can you do to help end-users and visitors avoid spreading germs and keep maintenance to a minimum?

    Commercial Renovation Cost in Oakville

    The town of Oakville is very picky when it comes to additions on existing foundations; they generally require at least a crawl space that is heated with anything above. Therefore you will probably be needing to do at least a crawl space or a full basement to add additional sqft to your home. A general price offered by per sqft usually runs from $250 to $300 per sqft and can vary depending on what finishes you are looking for.

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    When you are thinking of renovating old commercial buildings, you must pay attention to the minute details. You can collect data and study usage patterns to figure out the requirements of the space. These are a few suggestions that can be molded to fit any business and any brand personality. With these easy updates to your office lobby, you'll be on your way to having a company that's memorable and exciting to anyone who passes through your doors.

    Consider Aspects like:

    • The maximum number of seats that you may require.
    • The number of people traveling between the reception desk and the elevator during busy hours
    • How much time the visitors spend in the reception
    • Security and access considerations, etc.



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