7 Finished Basement Ideas To Motivate & Inspire The Change You Need In Your Basement

7 Finished Basement Ideas To Motivate & Inspire The Change You Need In Your Basement


7 Finished Basement Ideas To Motivate & Inspire The Change You Need In Your Basement

Basements tend to accumulate items. All undesired items you didn't want to exhibit to others have gradually become the "junk" that occupies every corner of your basement. It is especially true if your basement has not yet finished.


Having a cellar full of stuff is never a "bad" thing, and it's sometimes all you need to do to get the rest of the house organized. However, this is the blog for you if you're bored of your basement serving as a catch-all and want to do something creative with all that extra room. We'll look at some amazing basement renovation ideas for transforming your unfinished or underutilized basement into one of the coolest areas in your home.


Let's get started!

What Do You Expect From Your Basement?

Before talking further, we first need to ask this question ourselves. What are our plans for our basement? When it comes to renovating a basement, there are so many options that we must first decide on the style & feel we want.


A basement, for example, could have a distinct motif from the rest of your house, or it could be a kid's playroom. Whatever it is, you want to adore it to feel like you're making the most of your space and can show it off to all of your friends.


Getting Ready For The Project

Before you begin renovation, you must thoroughly evaluate the room to ensure that there is no water damage. After inspecting the internal walls and floors, you should verify the house's foundation to ensure that it is in good condition. The main thing to look for are flaws in the concrete that allow water to enter. Finally, inspect your gutters and watershed areas. Simply ensure that the water is flowing away from your home. If you discover any water damage, it is best to schedule an inspection with a competent contractor to examine the damage.


1.    Basement Bars And Kitchens

Who wouldn't want a condo kitchen or a bar in their basement? Adding something like this can add a lot of value to the area and make it a fantastic lounging spot. The price range and a lack of ideas within the area they have are sometimes the things that turn people off from kitchen and bar remodels.


The best part about including a bar or kitchen is that you can go anywhere, from sleek and sophisticated to homey and homestyle. A bar can be anything from Coca-Cola and beer memorabilia to full-fledged floor-to-ceiling wine racks. It is an excellent addition to your renovation project and can serve as a focal point in the entire room.


2.    Set the tone with furniture, decor, and wall color.

Without a doubt, there is some furniture and décor in each homeroom. Even an unfinished basement may include antique chairs or a table that you couldn't bear the thought of throwing away.


The reality is that the furniture & decor you choose for a space can significantly alter your experience. You've been in one of those basements with natural wood paneling and grandpa's old plaid patterned furniture. There's nothing bad with basements like this, but you probably want something more fascinating and less nostalgic.


The next consideration is the color scheme for your walls. It can be difficult, and we frequently fall back on white as the tried and reliable. Here are some useful basement trends for 2022.


3.    Bedroom For Guests

If you don't have a guest bedroom, the basement can be a great spot to put one. The best aspect about having a basement guest bedroom is that it is completely isolated from the rest of the house. You won't worry about your guests being uncomfortable because they will have access to their bedroom and bathroom during their stay.


"I've never had any overnight guests in my home," you could think. That's fine if that describes you. You may not entertain guests frequently or at all, but adding a basement to your home can significantly enhance its resale value and open it up to more potential purchasers.


4.    The Home Office

If you've been feeling unproductive at home or are tired of working on bills at the kitchen table, setting up a home office could be the solution.


One of the best aspects of installing a home office is that the project can be simple. Isn't all you need is a desk, a chair, and some motivational quotes? That is correct, but there are many things you can do to make the area seem exactly perfect. Making a modern vibe for a traditional desk environment is a recent trend. A home office can become one of your favorite areas in your home by incorporating beautiful lighting, good wall colors, & even some windows for natural light (if possible).


5.    Add A Fireplace

If you don't already have a pleasant spot in your home, consider adding a fireplace to your basement. Gas and electric fireplaces are modern options that may add to practically any space.

A fireplace may also help you heat your basement, and if you get an efficient model, you might even find yourself saving money on your monthly heating cost.


6.    Library

A library isn't just for book lovers. It is also good for individuals who work as instructors, professors, or a terrific addition to a home office, both in appearance and functionality.


When designing a library, consider how you may combine various components such as furniture, a fireplace, and possibly lighting or natural light to help create the ideal reading room. Libraries may be incredibly motivating, and they will undoubtedly offer some great energy to your room.


7.    Gym

One of the major plus points of having a home gym is the money you'll save on gym memberships. Some gyms charge up to $30 per month. That may not seem like much, but in five years, it adds up to $1,800. Why not invest that money in increasing the value of your property by constructing a workout space?


Pro tip: Include a blender in your basement home gym and basement kitchen or bar to produce high-energy smoothies after your workouts!


What We Have To Offer

At ASASA Construction, we want to help you make the most of every place in your house. We can help you with any kitchen, bathroom, or basement project. As a best renovation company in Toronto, Canada we've completed several basement renovation projects; here's link to projects with some before and after photos.


If you're inspired to do anything with your unused basement area, please leave a remark or contact us. We are always happy to address any queries you may have!

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