11 luxurious ideas to make your bathroom your comfort space

11 luxurious ideas to make your bathroom your comfort space


11 luxurious ideas to make your bathroom your comfort space

Adding a luxurious bathroom to your home will make your life more comfortable. Knowing you have a peaceful and relaxing space to focus on yourself for a healthier and better lifestyle. To have a spa-like feel within the premises of your own home, who doesn't want that? All it will take to have your sacred space installed within the safety and comfort of your home is good planning following a few touches of our latest modern accessories/decors. It doesn't matter if you're building a new house or renovating your existing property; having a luxurious bathroom will elevate its comfort and value, making it the best decision you'll be making. If you're looking for bathroom renovation contractors in Toronto, ASASA Constructions will be happy to help you!

Estimated cost for your luxury bathroom

The cost really depends on factors such as:

1. The area you live in

2. The equipment you use and accessories/ decors you want to be installed

3. The design you're looking for

An estimate could be made of about.

We provide quality as well as a lifetime companion in the shape of your luxury bathroom

How to make my luxurious bathroom 

There are several ways to turn your bathroom into your dreams' sacred heaven. To add style, you can convert your tub shower into a soaker tub and install a separate shower. You should know the different types of showers and which one you prefer to see in your luxury bathroom. Just let us know your preference, and we'll provide you with the best renovation services in Toronto. Here are our best ideas to get you started on making your bathroom luxurious.

Ideas for your luxury bathroom

Bathroom renovation highly depends on the bathroom accessories and the decor you'll use. Luxurious bathtubs, low lighting, fresh flowers, and modern tiling are only some of the factors that can help you create yours in trend modern.  Following are some of our finest ideas.

Zellige Tiles

If you want to spice up your bathroom walls, Zellige tiles will do wonders. They are handmade, making each tile different and unique in its own way. The shapes, sizes, and colors differ slightly, not enough to make it look mismatched but just enough to give your eyes a visual treat! They're perfect for your shower walls and will definitely be the cherry on top.


Installing the fireplace is one of our personal favorite modern luxury ideas. This will be perfect for a soak in the tub on a cold winter eve. A fireplace will pack all the components of a Comfortable and warm night. Hearing the crackle of the fire while enjoying the warmth it radiates during a soothing bath will be the most pleasurable moment you'll experience.

Marble Wall

Nothing speaks "elegance" louder than a marble wall. Especially when it's part of a lustrous bathroom design. The first thoughts that occur to us when we speak of marble are countertops and floors. But bathroom walls are the new best thing. It doesn't matter if you go with a single color scheme for the entire bathroom or contrasting walls; marble will only enhance the grandeur of your bathroom. Marble is the perfect combination of vintage taste and modern luxury.

Heated Floors

The longing to get into a warm bath on a chilly day isn't as great as the longing to get out. Mainly because the cold floor sends chills up your feet, making the cold take over your body, rendering the warm bath you took a few seconds ago useless. Adding heated flooring to your bathroom will reduce the chances of cold ruining your bath down to zero. Making your life much easier.

Freestanding Soaking Tub

The thought of a soak always manages to elevate one's mood. But the dream of a perfect soak can't always be achieved if your soaking space is restricted. Adding a freestanding soaking tub will decrease that feeling of uneasiness and claustrophobia that washes over you like the water while soaking. Space between the wall and the tub will help you breathe and feel comfy when soaking.

Water Closet

While you unwind and relax while bathing or soaking in the bathroom, that's not the only thing you use the bathroom for. And that reminder can make your time in your new luxurious haven a bit uncomfortable. Water closet is the solution to this exact problem. It lets you enjoy your comfy space and close the toilet in its comfy space. Making it much more easier for you to enjoy your elegant new bathroom

Luxe Lighting 

Lighting is the core element that can make your bathroom pop or dull depending on how you accessories it. Every bathroom layout is different; thus, it highly depends on the design and how to make it look as spacious and peaceful as possible. If you have a high-ceiling bathroom, pendant lights are the thing for you, and it will highlight the space of your bathroom while keeping elegance and luxuriousness in check. Backlighting the mirror can make your bathroom look trendy and pleasant.

Fitted Storage

Storage spaces in the bathroom are a must. You can't have your towels and other toiletries lying around. But to have a storage space that fulfills your need and also fits well with the overall design is something a fitted storage can handle. And, of course, how you use the storage really matters as well, considering it highly affects the look of your bathroom. Fitted storage will clear your countertops while making your bathroom look more stylish, sophisticated, and spacious. 

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Wall Art

No matter how much one prefers simplicity, a large empty wall can make you feel like your elegant bathroom is missing something. A large piece of wall art is the missing piece of your scramble. During the bathroom renovation, such a slight addition can turn up your game and lead your attention toward tranquility and relaxation. 

Self-care Stations

Do you have vacant spaces and no idea what to do with them? Do you feel like your dream bathroom is missing something? Here you go! Adding self-care stations can give your bathroom a custom look. Custom bathroom renovation services are highly priced these days. You can use your brilliant mind to turn your ordinary bathroom into a custom bathroom. You can include a bubble bath, candles, and a little console in the corner or a small portable table that fits nicely across your tub for wineglass and energizing juices to make it look more spa-like.

Nature-inspired Décor

Are you looking for something more refreshing? Try adding plant life into your space. These nature-inspired elements bring life to your new design. Having greenery in your bathroom increases its hue. For easy maintenance, fake plants can look pleasant, or you could try a 3D floral wallpaper. Nature indoors will surely aid in making your home more serene and lavish.

Ready to make your bathroom experience delightful?

Renovating your bathroom can seem challenging to tackle all by yourself, and our ideas are sure to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Still, trouble deciding? Here you go with our best bathroom renovation projects. We ensure to provide you with outstanding bathroom renovation services in Toronto throughout GTA. We would love to assist you from start to finish with your bathroom renovation project.  



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