10 Indications That Your Hotel Needs Renovation

10 Indications That Your Hotel Needs Renovation


10 Indications That Your Hotel Needs Renovation

When guests arrive at your hotel, you want them to feel at ease and ease in their surroundings. As an owner of a hotel, you want to put your best foot forward and provide your visitors with the most incredible experience possible. When a hotel's walls, flooring, or furniture deteriorate, customers notice, and business will likely suffer. Wear and tear are unavoidable, but hotel operators must keep up with necessary maintenance and design trends to keep consumers delighted. Here are the top ten indicators that it's time for hotel renovation.


No Updates Since Last Five Years

Perhaps you believe your hotel is well-kept and in decent condition. However, suppose your last completed renovation or minor upgrade was more than five years ago. In that case, it may be time to look around and consider making some improvements to improve your visitor experience and ratings.


Soft renovations are often done every 5-7 years and may include new drapes, bedspreads, furniture, and rugs. After about 11-14 years, look at the objects that can get dinged up with time and need to be refreshed, like bedding, carpet in corridors & public areas, guest room fittings, and millwork. Not to mention the ever-changing advancements in technology, such as televisions, remote working places, and internet connectivity. Finally, your guest bathrooms have the most extended renovation lifespan, lasting up to 16 years. Bathroom renovations are time-consuming and complicated, especially when converting from tub-shower combinations to shower-only setups.


These changes necessitate a complete plumbing installation plan and provide an excellent opportunity to replace bathroom tile. Simply changing the carpet, finishes, and art in your hotel corridors can significantly impact how your guests view their room when they go in. The hotel sector is cutthroat. Many successful hotels constantly upgrade their property to stay up with new design trends and technology to guarantee everything is in top shape for their visitors when there is no regulation about how often you need to renovate. As their brand design guidelines expand and alter, hotel brands may also demand PIPs (property improvement plans). Even if everything is tidy and in good shape, your guests may turn off if they feel like they've stepped into a time machine when they enter through the door.


Dirty And Worn-Out Carpets

Nobody likes to stay in a hotel room with soiled, unclean, or torn carpets. It has a filthy, tacky appearance and is messy. The same is true for carpets in hallways, lobbies, and other hotel spaces. The flooring should be clean and in good shape for guests, but over time, the flooring wears down, collects various stains, and begins to seem dingy. These are all indications that hotel improvements are imminent.


Smells Of Decay

On any property, bad odors are never a good sign. Stale or dingy scents in a hotel, on the other hand, are big turn-offs for guests and can be a symptom of old, dirty rooms and a lack of concern for the property's condition. Air fresheners and additional scents cannot mask foul odors. While it may not appear to be a big deal, it can impact the overall quality of a guest's stay at your hotel.


Faucets That Are Leaking

Rooms with leaky faucets are inconvenient for guests, and wastewater is on your bill. Inefficient plumbing should rectify as soon as possible. It includes toilets that do not flush correctly and showers with insufficient water pressure.


A clean, functional bathroom is an essential aspect of a hotel room's overall comfort, so it should be in great shape. Installing new faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, & dual-flush toilets can save you money.


Lighting And Appliances That Are Inefficient

Inefficient lighting, electrical systems, and leaky or inefficient plumbing appliances significantly increase your utility bills. Investing in LED lightbulbs, Energy Star-rated appliances, and modernizing your electrical system and other fixtures can provide a pleasant overall experience for your visitors while also saving you money in the long run.


Examine the lighting fixtures throughout your hotel as well. Guests do not like to walk into a dark hotel or have insufficient lighting in their rooms. For optimal flexibility, provide numerous lights and lighting fixtures in updated styles in guest rooms.


Mold Symptoms

It is a warning indication that should not overlook. Mold generally grows in bathrooms where moisture is abundant, and it can succeed in carpeting, on walls, near air conditioners, or any place there is water damage or extreme humidity.


Mold is ugly, but it also poses a health risk to hotel personnel and visitors. If your hotel has mold, it's time to clean it up and replace any damaged fixtures or materials.


HVAC Systems Of Poor Quality

A well-functioning HVAC system is critical to overall guest comfort. If your hotel is too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, you will have dissatisfied customers. Newer, more modern systems can keep hotel rooms comfortable all year. Furthermore, they might save you money on utility bills because they are more efficient.


It would be best if you also inspected your doors and windows to improve the effectiveness of your HVAC system. Creaky, rusted, difficult-to-use doors and windows are a nuisance for visitors, and they may be letting in too much heat & cold air from the outside, making your HVAC system work even harder.


Furniture That Is Damaged Or Out Of Date

For maximum guest comfort, the furniture in your hotel rooms should be clean, in good shape, and have current styles. Should replace any broken furniture or fixtures as soon as possible because they can be a safety threat and an eyesore.


It includes, in addition to the furniture in guest rooms, the following:

  • Lobbies
  • Conference rooms
  • Party rooms
  • Business centers
  • Breakfast rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Pools
  • Fitness facilities


Cracked Walls, Tiles, Or Floors

Cracks or chips in the walls and flooring can make a room appear disheveled and run-down. Furthermore, these cracks and chips are often challenging to repair independently and will only worsen with time. Tiles and other flooring materials with chips and cracks can quickly become a tripping hazard and a liability for visitor injuries.


Negative Feedback

A regular stream of negative reviews is one of the most telling signals that your hotel needs to renovate. Perhaps all of the other indications have crept up on you slowly, and you haven't noticed how many components need to be changed and refurbished, but your guests know, especially if you have a leaky faucet or a cold shower.


Examine the feedback on your website, social media platforms, and third-party review sites. If the reviews are negative, it's likely that more visitors feel the same way and haven't reacted. Your visitors are your most valuable asset, yet poor reviews can drive away new customers and hurt your bottom line.


ASASA Construction Will Renovate Your Hotel

As an owner of a hotel, you want your establishment to look its best & provide a memorable experience for guests. A recently refurbished hotel is more likely to have satisfied customers and make more income. It's a great idea to take an objective look around your house & use this advice as a checklist of what to look out for.


If you notice any of these warning signals at your hotel, it's time for some updates, and ASASA Construction is ready to assist! Contact our team of professionals immediately for trustworthy advice and excellent hotel refurbishment services.



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